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Rootz Centrum

Rootz Centrum
Rootz Harbour


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Rootz Centrum, Den Haag
Grote Marktstraat 14
070 363 9988 | e-mail

Rootz Strand, Scheveningen
Strandweg 4
070 363 9905 | e-mail


Rootz's Belgian and Dutch cuisine

Rootz cuisine offers a rich variety of Belgian and Dutch national dishes.
For over 20 years Rootz has been the ‘Low Countries Specialist’, which makes it a seasoned provider of the perfect Belgian, Dutch, and, therefore Burgundian experience.

Belgian cuisine

It is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in German quantities but with French quality.

This is often referred to as the ‘Burgundian lifestyle’.

Dutch cuisine

The Dutch cuisine is strongly influenced by the Dutch farming tradition. Dutch dishes are often substantial and nutritious, suited to the physical labour that Dutch workers used to do.

The Dutch cuisine is open to outside influences. The Netherlands’ colonial past has given it many dishes of Indonesian or Surinamese origin. Also, many dishes and ingredients have been borrowed from the French, Italian, Greek, German and Spanish cuisine.

The Low countries

The Low Countries, also known as the Low Countries by the Sea, is the plane area in North-West Europe that constitutes the basin of the Lower Rhine, Lower Meuse and Scheldt. Originally the name was merely used to distinguish the lower German regions from those situated higher up.

From the 16th century onwards the Low Countries became the usual denomination for the Dutch regions, also referred to as Flanders, Netherlands, Belgium and Pays Bas. Since the East and South lacked distinguished geographical characteristics, only the North Sea was a clearly demarcated border.

Today the term Low Countries is also used to denote the whole of The Netherlands, Belgium, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Nord-Pas-de-Calais, or sometimes just The Netherlands and Belgium.

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