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Rootz Centrum

Rootz Centrum
Rootz Harbour


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Rootz Centrum, Den Haag
Grote Marktstraat 14
070 363 9988 | e-mail

Rootz Strand, Scheveningen
Strandweg 4
070 363 9905 | e-mail



In our philosophy, drinks are an essential ingredient of a pleasant evening or afternoon. In Rootz’s Burgundian environment you encounter magnificent wines and over 240 beers. It is a good custom to have something to eat with your drinks. We have done our best to provide a selection of appetizers in our original and Burgundian tradition.
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Snack platter, per person € 1,95

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A combination of the following:

Cheese biscuits
Mixed nuts

The snack platter is served on an attractive-looking plate, set down for your guests on the bar or on the table.
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Crudite € 4,-

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Hot Dutch snack platter, € 11,50 for 16 pieces

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Mini croquettes
Chicken nuggets
Little Flames
Vegetarian mini lumpias
Mini minced-meat hot dogs
Deep-fried cheese snacks.
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Vega snack plateau € 8,95 for 8 pieces

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Vegetarian spring rolls
Spinach-cheese croquettes
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Hot snacks

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La Trappe bitterballen 3 pieces € 3,-
Bitterballen 3 pieces € 2,25
crispy chicken with ginger 3 pieces € 3,-
Chicken wings 3 pieces € 3,-
MOINK balls & BBQ sauce 3 pieces €3,50
Jalapeno cheddar sausage € 3,50
Calamares €4,-
Uienringen €3,50
Spinach cheese croquette 3 pieces € 3,-
Vegan vegetable croquette 3 pieces € 3,-
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Dutch snack plateau deluxe € 14,50

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Extra old Dutch cheese
Deep fried cured streaky bacon
Onion rings
Chicken Wings
Amsterdam onion pickles
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Belgian snack plateau deluxe € 14,50

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Trappist Cheese
Ginger chicken crisps
Tuc crackers
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CharcuterieCombi€ 12,50

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thinly slices charcuteries, chicken wings, pickles and MOINK balls & BBQsauce
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Cheese and sausage € 9,50

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Belgian charcuterie
trappist cheese
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Rootz fingerfood € 10,00 for 6 pieces

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A mix of the following snacks:

Blini with carpaccio
cucumber with mackerel, sea vegetables and anchovy
Mini Toast cannibal
Quiche filled with seasonal vegetables
Toast paté
Nut bread with Trappist cheese and applesirop
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Mini mustard soup € 1,75

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Midnight snack

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French fries € 3,50
Slice Tarte Flambé € 2,00
Artisanal smoked sausage € 4,00

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